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The firm VIP CROWN, just like Marquise Clara Albertí C. von Müller herself, was born out of a dream, full of creativity and distinction.

After a few years of working exclusively on very personalised designs for her personal friends, celebrities and the European aristocracy, Marquise Clara opened the doors of her exclusive creations to an international level.

With object at heart, VIP CROWN facilitates the elite with her exquisite and completely handmade designs inspired by palace life. Each piece is unique and a true masterpiece in its beauty and sophistication.

VIP CROWN only limited number pieces in each style and design. There are fewer than 250 pieces of each design. So each piece can be considered unique. Every necklace is delivered a Certificate of Authenticity bearing a unique serial number.

The quality of all the ornaments and fabrics used in these dream-like designs transforms each necklace into a masterpiece, a symbol of great distinction and excellence.

If you love exclusivity, elegance and aristocratic style, you will certainly choose VIP CROWN.