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1.-The Registration. Is it necessary? The benefits of registration…

Registration is not a requirement for you to make purchases. However, through registration, you will be authorized to browse through our site. It will also keep track of the items of your choice, and make it easier to browse. In addition, as your information will be on our register, it will make the entire process of ordering and shipment easier.

2.- What does my order look like?

Necklace cardborad boxYour order will arrive encased in a simple, but very elegant handmade cardboard box in an elegant gift paper that is the exact copy of animal skin.

Inside the case, you will find the Certificate of Authenticity of the item and its trademark number. VIP CROWN produces only a limited series, no more than 250 pieces of a design. As you can see in the picture we have added, the splendid necklace is totally wrapped in a delicate silk paper.

Necklace cardborad box

3.- Can the necklaces fit any neck size?

Necklace measurements:       Length: 29 cm/ Width: 5 cm

Closure:    An 11-cm chain with links and snaphook to close it. Chain with links and snaphook in an old- gold hue. With this total length of 40 cm this piece can fit all neck sizes easily.

We have added here pictures of the back part of this precious piece so that you can see clearly that it can be adapted to any neck size.

Necklace Closure Necklace Closure

4.- Can I order from anywhere in the world? Can we ship to any country or territory in the World?

The VIP CROWN e-Shop is accessible through the internet. You can place your order from any place from where you have access to the internet, browse the products and place orders for any and all items of your choice. We will ship your order to any address in the World. However we are not able to ship to The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and Post Office Box Addresses.


5.- What might happen if I don’t receive the VIP CROWN e-mails?

We advise you to check the configuration of your anti-spam in the mailbox of your computer so that you can receive mails that VIP CROWN. Otherwise, our e-mails to you may be filtered as spam and sent your 'unwanted mail' box. Therefore, please make sure that our e-mail address is in your Safe Senders List.

6.- Is it necessary for me to register in order to place an order?

No, it is not necessary to register to buy, but it is mandatory to provide the data that are required by law so that we can start the shipment process of your order.

To facilitate the purchase process, VIP CROWN requires an e-mail address and a telephone number for contact. This information will enable us to confirm to you the receipt of your order, when the order is shipped – or in the unlikely event, if your order is incomplete and to advise you on how to complete the order. We ask you to provide your primary telephone number, in case you use more than one, to expedite the delivery process of the item you have ordered.

7.- How do I know if my order has been successfully received?

We always send an e-mail to confirm that your order has been properly completed. In addition, soon after your item has been shipped, we will send you another e-mail to inform you of the shipment together with all the unique details of the shipment, such as, the address to which it was shipped, tracking number, estimated date of arrival and any other relevant details.

In the unlikely event that you did not above notifications, please inform the Customer Help Service at Please remember to include the following information: your name, the date of your order, the mode of payment and the recipient’s name and the destination address

8.- What are the delivery times?

Once you have received the email notification confirming shipment of the item, your order should arrive as under:

- Within Europe: between three and eight business days.

- Outside Europe: between seven and fifteen business days.

If you have not received the shipment, please notify the Customer Service ( Our staff members will be more than happy to review the order and shipment and resolve any problem to your entire satisfaction.

9.- Who will deliver the ordered item?

Your order will be shipped through a CORREOS Post Office to the address you provided at the time of your order. CORREOS will then provide us with a Mailing Code, so that you can keep track of the shipment throughout its progress. We will give you this Mailing Code in an email that you should receive shortly after we have received from PAYPAL notification  of the payment of your order. Then you will just have to click on the given link to view the exact point of delivery of your item.

10.- Will the product I buy be absolutely identical to the one in the picture?

The pictures that are shown on the website are of a very high quality of photographs made by highly talented professional photographers. Each photograph is a faithful representation of the product it displays. Every component we use to produce the item is handmade. While we make every effort in our Quality Control to handpick the components, minute variations in the shape or the shade of the colour may be expected, but never in the overall design itself. You can expect the most accurate display of shapes and colours in high resolution monitors.

11.- What should I do if I were to receive a faulty product?

Our Quality Control inspects and examines the production of your order at every phase from the selection to fitting and ready for shipment. Therefore, it is almost impossible for you to receive a faulty product. In the very rare event of you receiving a faulty product, please, notify the Customer Service through Our Product Specialist will promptly contact you work out a solution, including replacement or a full refund, whichever brings you the best satisfaction.

12.- What should I do if I were to receive another product than the one ordered?

Should this occur, inform us at . We will contact you and ensure that the exact item you ordered will be shipped to you.

13.- Is payment safe?

All the purchases you make on website are guaranteed by the safe payment service of PAYPAL, which means that your data are protected and encrypted thanks to the most advanced technology.